B. 1997, Rzeszów, Poland

Karolina Dworska is a UK based Contemporary Artist and a recent BA Fine Art Graduate from Goldsmiths, University of London. She was one of the artists selected for the 2021 Bloomberg New Contemporaries.

Her work delves into the subject matter of the in-between; the grey area between dream and reality, and fantasy spaces, balancing precariously between definitions. She also explores her migrant background within her work, having immigrated to the UK as a child from Bieszczady, Poland. Her multidisciplinary practice focuses on dreamscapes, in which things are not quite right, undefined and uncomfortable, explored through a variety of sculptural and textile mediums.


BA Fine Art, Goldsmiths, University of London (2017-2020)

Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, Leeds Arts University (2016-2017)

Selected Exhibitions

2022, No Loose Threads, The Feminist Library, London

2022, “[un]fabricated”, D Contemporary, London

2022,“Tapestry Show”, Art Hub, London

2022, “Venomous”, D Contemporary, London

2021-22, “Winter Salon”, Glass Cloud Gallery, London

2021-22, Bloomberg New Contemporaries, South London Gallery, London

2021-22, “Deep Dive”, Pradiauto, Madrid, Spain ︎

2021,”Dreaming Reconstructions”, The Feminist Library, London

2021, Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Firstsite, Colchester ︎

2021, “LAZY” Big Rat Studio, The Hastings Bookshop, Hastings

2021, “In and Between”, Bermondsey Project Space, London ︎

2021, “Looks Like It’s Gunna Rain”, Motion Sickness, Cambridge

2021, Parrabbola/Newham Heritage Month, London

2020, “Uwaga Niedzwiedzie!”, Big Rat Studio, Online ︎

2020, “Dance First, Think Later”, General Practice, Lincoln ︎

2019, “Plothole Disco”, Laurie Grove Baths, London

2019, “8496  x thatcoolevent”, DIY Space for London,  London

2019, “Fillings” Out Of The Brew, London ︎

2018-2019, “I N T E R V A L S“ The Collection, Lincoln ︎

2018, “Political Truths”, The Hundred Years Gallery, London

2018, “Walking Out” General Practice, Lincoln ︎

2018, (Untitled) Angel Coffee House, Lincoln

2017, "Star City" The Collection, Lincoln

2017, "Extra-Ordinary" Leeds College of Art, Leeds

2016, "Chaff Bagging Hoppers (Invisible Cities)" The Collection, Lincoln


2021, Bloomberg New Contemporaries ︎

2020, Goldsmiths BA Fine Art Junior Fellowship


Full CV available upon request.