Karolina  Dworska
B. 1997, Rzeszów, Poland.

Karolina is a British-based Polish artist who works predominantly in sculpture and rug-making. Her artistic practice explores dreams, mythologies and delves into the subject matter of the in-between; the grey area between dream and reality, and fantasy spaces, balancing precariously between definitions. Her multidisciplinary practice focuses on dreamscapes, in which things are not quite right, undefined and uncomfortable, littered with surreal motifs and mysterious inhabitants. She uses the meditative state of dreaming to examine the strangeness of inhabiting a body and its fragility, and as a lens to reconfigure the everyday.

Dworska was one of the artists selected for the 2021 Bloomberg New Contemporaries. Her work has been exhibited internationally, in Madrid and Seoul, and featured in numerous International publications, such as Sztuka and Dokumentacja and El País, as well as Time Out Magazine.

Deeply nourished by (cosmic and body) horror, mythology, science fiction and confusions of corporeal reality.